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The Pool Management Group Career Opportunities

Learn, grow and lead with us 

The Pool Management Group consists of 17 companies across 9 states. We continually seek out motivated, career minded pool management experts to be part of our growing company - either at our headquarters in Atlanta, or elsewhere in one of our locations. 

From field supervisors to those with enough experience to lead a company on their own, The Pool Management Group invests extensively in employee training and benefits such as 401k matching, company conferences and learning trips. 

As the largest privately held pool management company in the US, we consider ourselves a tight family. We've grown based on integrity and investments in our people. 

General Manager: Lead an entire company

Various Locations across the US

​The Pool Management Group continually searches out well qualified people with an entrepreneurial spirit to lead a current or future company. We recruit for this position even when we don't have opportunities open. The General Manager position has responsibility for the overall operation of a local company including all pool operations, contract sales, revenue and expense management, hiring and managing staff, customer service, and administration. A high degree of experience with swimming pools and/or lifeguards is required. The newly hired General Manager will be trained in The Pool Management Group methods, standards, and operational processes (admin, operations, HR, Lifeguard training and more) and will utilize our proven processes.  Our unique business model enables each of our companies to be supported by our national resources and expertise, yet operate autonomously at their location. There is tremendous upside opportunity for compensation. We also provide highly competitive benefits such as 401k matching and reward trips. 

Director of Operations

Various Locations Across the US

The Director of Operations reports directly to the General Manager and has responsibility for operations including pool operations, managing the lifeguards and pool managers, repairs, service, hiring and management of staff, customer service, and administration.  The hired candidate will be trained by The Pool Management Group in the company’s methods, standards, and operational processes, and will utilize our proven processes with support from the General Manager and The Pool Management Group.  Our unique business model enables each of our companies to be supported by our national resources and expertise, yet operate independently. There is excellent opportunity for upward growth in The Pool Management Group from this position. 

Human Resources Manager


The Human Resources Manager is responsible for recruiting, interviewing, hiring, scheduling and managing the lifeguards and other pool operations staff. Human Resources Managers must have excellent organizational and communication skills.  Human Resources Managers will be trained in the hiring and documentation processes for the company. The Human Resources Manager will report directly to the General Manager. 

No Openings

Regional Director

Various Locations

Regional Directors report directly to the General Manager and oversee Supervisors, Pool Managers, and teams of Lifeguards at multiple pool facilities around the city.  Regional Directors must have a good understanding of aquatic safety, company practices, pool systems, and excellent communication and management skills.  Regional Directors are a core part of the leadership team and are key players in ensuring company policies and standards are met.  During the off-season, Regional Directors oversee the supervisors and off-season maintenance of their facilities in addition to enhancing business practices to be applied to the next season.   

Headquarters: Field Support Representative

 The Pool Management Group; Atlanta, GA

​The Pool Management Group is the headquarters to 17 pool management companies. Our only focus at headquarters is supporting our locations. That means we do corporate work and also field work visiting cities.  We are searching for highly motivated individuals who are looking to further their career in business and the aquatics industry.  Field Support Representatives work with the leadership team to help support our companies in the Midwest, Southeast and Southwest.  Field Support Representatives are required to have a great work ethic, excellent communication skills, repair acumen and must be able to travel out of the state for extended periods of time.  This job has significant growth potential, opportunities to move up in the company, competitive pay and benefits. 


Various Locations Across the US

​Supervisors oversee the operations, Pool Managers and Lifeguards at multiple facilities.  Supervisors must have excellent customer service, teaching and communication skills.  In addition, Supervisors will be trained on the systems of their pools and how to diagnose, report and solve problems at their pools.  Supervisors will be tasked with leading opening and closing crews at the beginning and end of the season, along with overseeing ongoing off-season maintenance of their facilities. 

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